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If you’re biding your time and waiting out the pandemic at home, you might be casting around for something–anything–to do. Why not work on your fitness? It doesn’t take too much time and effort to be a little active every day, and that sort of thing can help you stay healthy and prepare for the time that we can all go out again just like we used to.

There are many fitness games available whatever console you’re rocking, but today we’re focusing on five of our favorite games for the Xbox 360.

Check out this list, pick your game or games, and work up a healthy sweat with your Xbox while staying safe at home!

Nike+ Kinect Training

This offering of Nike’s is designed to help athletes who specialize in a particular sport to hone their skills and become better at it. It offers easily personalized workouts supervised by a bevy of athletic trainers to do just that. Kick off with an initial diagnostic test so that the game (and you) can find out just how fit you are, and then check out the unique workout plan for you. Take this game seriously and it can yield some serious benefits. A session lasts half an hour and is made up of 10 warmups, 15 main exercise activities, and two cooldowns. Dress accordingly: wear proper gym attire and running shoes, and keep a bottle of water close by for you to rehydrate in between activities. 

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout

Are you a fan of the TV series of the same name? Then this game might just appeal to you. Join personal trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, as well as many former contestants, as you grind it out to some of the very workouts that are featured in the show. But take note that you can also craft your own fitness routines through combining the over 125 exercise moves available, or you can simply take on one of the preset programs such as Boot Camp and Belly Buster. But that’s not all–you can also pick and choose from a range of diet programs and healthy recipes too (in respect of the fact that diet and exercise is the combination to help you shed those extra pounds).

Zumba Kids

How about something kids can join and enjoy too? Zumba Kids prides itself as being the first Zumba-based video game designed specifically for kids aged 7-12, most especially those who already like to dance and would love an opportunity to sharpen their choreography. The workouts are a little easier than regular Zumba workouts, relatively speaking, and the songs featured are a bit more oriented towards a young audience. Let your kids pick from regular Zumba dance mode and freestyle mode, which might just be a little more appealing since it allows them to dance their hearts out their way!

Let’s Cheer

OK, so how about a cheerleading-/cheerdancing-themed game? Let’s Cheer has it all if this is your thing. Learn actual pro-level cheer moves like Touchdown Sway and the Broken T from professional cheerleaders, who will choreograph and also provide encouragement as you sway to their moves. And you can track in real-time the number of calories you burn, select cheer outfits and particular dance routines, and unlock more complex and sophisticated cheer moves as you progress through the game. Oh, and the songs featured are popular songs, too.

UFC Personal Trainer

Our last featured game is for those of you who want to work up a sweat–and work out frustrations–just like you would do at a self-defense training camp. Pick up MMA-focused self-defense techniques, tips, and tricks that are associated with wrestling, Muay Thai and kickboxing. Learn from actual UFC trainers and fighters too, and put together workout programs to suit your needs, wants and capabilities. And sharpen your form while you take on the included 30- and 60-day challenges for that extra jolt of motivation. 

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