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Now more than ever, being active helps us all stay healthy–and this is true for children as well as adults. To this end, Fitbit is offering the Ace 2, a fitness tracker engineered specifically for kids.

Today we look at the Fitbit Ace 2 to see why it’s a must-have to help kids get healthy and be #TechAssured!

Head-turning design

The Ace 2 is a compact fitness tracker for kids aged 6 and older, and as such is sized just right for small wrists. It measures 1.45in x 0.63in x 0.45in and weighs just 1.28oz and has an adjustable clasp, making it comfortable for even the most active child to wear throughout the day.

The tracker’s display is a clear and legible 0.72in OLED unit with a 128 x 72-pixel resolution. Kids can select from as many as 19 clock faces with distinctive designs, many of which are both animated and fun. Some even change over time as the kid using them becomes more active. For instance, the Rocky face features a rocket ship that slowly but surely starts to launch itself as one’s step count increases. Kids can customize their Ace 2 even further by picking their app avatars and cover photos.

The Ace 2 also comes in three attractive color options, namely Night Sky Classic (dark blue with a yellow buckle and strap holder), Watermelon Classic (watermelon pink with a green buckle and strap holder), and Grape Classic (grape purple with a blue buckle and strap holder). Distinctive print bands are also available for kids who prefer them, such as Jazz Print and Go! Print.

Durable and long-lasting

The Ace 2 is built to withstand use by even the most active of children.

The Ace 2 is waterproof up to 50m, which means that kids don’t have to watch out for it when they wash their hands or even take a shower or a swim. The band itself does double duty as a protective bumper that shields the display from scratches and nicks. The whole unit is also stain-resistant to ward off those inevitable moments when kids get food, mud or other substances on it.

The Ace 2 isn’t heavy on its battery; according to Fitbit, it can be used for up to five days before needing to be recharged.

Loaded with power and safety features

The Ace 2 comes complete with features that help kids get moving and stay active. It records the number of steps taken and the number of minutes active, and also has timer and stopwatch functions.

To help kids be active for at least 60 minutes a day, the Ace 2 provides positive motivation in the form of fun goal celebrations that reward them for physical activity, as well as a 1-hour active minutes goal. The tracker also allows them to set and get fun reminders to rise to their feet if they’ve been seated for too long.

What’s more, the Ace 2 lets kids compete against their friends who are also using Ace 2s by offering virtual badges and trophies to the winners of friendly step challenge competitions.

The Ace 2’s generous battery life means that it doesn’t have to be slipped off a kids’ wrist when s/he goes to bed; it can also be used to track sleep habits. The Fitbit app can be used to schedule bedtime reminders and set alarms too.

Lastly, the Ace 2 isn’t just useful for kids but also for the whole family. Parents can set up family accounts and create accounts for their children. Via the Parent View feature, parents can oversee their kids’ activity and approve connections with friends. Powering all this is the Ace 2’s capacity to link up with more than 200 iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.

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