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Tips and tech for the new year’s fitness goals

Cliche as it may sound, lots of people are entering into 2021 with the “New Year, New Me” attitude. With the year that was 2020, this optimistic mindset of gearing yourself up with nothing but positive energy is precisely what we all need. It is our chance at a fresh start, and we’re ready to take it all in.

And what better way to achieve a new and better you than to commit dedication to your health and well-being, right? Fitness is a good starting point, so below we’ve got some tips to go with all the tech worth investing in to get help get you #InTheZone for 2021!

Set your goals – Mi Body Composition Scale

Figure out what your intentions are. In fitness, you first need to pinpoint where you are and decide where you want to be from there. Set goals that are measurable, but remember that fitness isn’t just about weight! The Body Composition Scale from the Mi Store helps you determine not just your weight, but also 10 precise data points that matter: BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, body, and visceral fat, basal metabolism, and more. This allows you to have a realistic picture of your health and fitness.

Remember, it’s always better when you work towards a goal. Your goal gives you something to look forward to, which in turn motivates you to keep going!

The Mi Body Composition Scale is priced at P1,350.

Get inspired – Fitbit Inspire 2

One key to achieving your fitness goals is to stay consistent. A gadget that’s constantly reminding you of your goals inspires consistency, and that’s exactly what the new Fitbit Inspire 2 does. It tracks your heart rate and your progress 24/7, and assists you in completing goal based exercises (with over 20 modes) by the day, every day.

For added convenience, you can even sync it with your smartphone to get app alerts on your wrist. It’s battery life also lasts up to 10 days, making it a breeze to have with you all the time without worrying it’ll die out on you– truly a companion that’s there to support and inspire you at all times!

Get the Fitibit Inspire 2 for only P6,290.

Grab a trusty workout buddy – Vivo V20

New year, new you… and a new phone? Why not! If you’re looking to switch smartphones, you’ll need one that goes well with your fitness-driven lifestyle.

The Vivo V20 prides itself in being the thinnest 5G smartphone, making it a lightweight companion at only 170 grams. It packs a punch though– it gets its boost of power from a 4,000mAh battery that supports 33W flash charge, making it a workout buddy with power that will last and keep up with you. Plus, the long battery life means hours and hours of music playback to jam to at the gym!

Prices for the Vivo V20 start at P19,999.

Power through your workouts – Powerbeats Pro

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going– you don’t have to go through it alone though. Psychology says that listening to upbeat music during your workout can actually help you perform better– and with the Powerbeats Pro, you’re sure to believe it. Designed to keep you moving, these headphones are totally wireless. These stay in place thanks to its adjustable, secure-fit earhooks with multiple eartips to suit any size.

As with any pair of Beats headphones, the sound quality is on point: powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and noise isolation that will truly prove that there’s really nothing like music to help get you up and #InTheZone! 

The Powerbeats Pro retails for P13,490.

Think you’re ready to take on your 2021 fitness goals yet?

#CheckCyberzone and discover the best fitness tech essentials that will get you #InTheZone for your 2021 goals! Read more on Nintendo Switch fitness games or on the benefits of a smartwatch.  



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