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Your desk is a reflection of your work, which is why It’s important to equip your workspace with the proper tech that will address your productivity needs. After all, it’s a whole lot easier to get things done when you have a relatively organized work table armed with utilitarian gadget accessories.

And what better way to spruce up your workspace than to have productivity-centric contraptions at your disposal? For starters, you need a reliable wireless mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, a high-resolution webcam, and a rich-sounding headset

Being a no stranger when it comes to computer peripherals, Swiss tech brand, Logitech will help you turn your plain computer desk into a well-oiled nine to five work hub with its wide array of accessories. 


Master Series MX Anywhere 3

logitech computer mouse Master Series MX Anywhere 3

Image Source: Logitech

This mouse is all about form and function. Taking cue from its name, the MX Anywhere fits well with any mobile work setup, be it from an actual work office, home workstation, or on-the-go use. 

Its slim, compact design makes it the ideal mouse for small to medium-sized desks. It is equipped with a MagSpeed Electromagnetic Scroll Wheel for precise scrolling at sheer speed and silence. The mouse is also capable of swift navigation and tracking on any surface, including glass. Power-wise, the MX Anywhere 3 can last up to 70 days of usage on a full charge, and can hold up to 3 hours’ worth of usage on a one-minute charge. 


Master Series MX Keys

computer accessories logitech Master Series MX Keys

Image Source: Logitech

A fitting pairing to your Logitech Mouse is the MX Keys Wireless Keyboard. Incorporating the needs of both creatives and coders, this keyboard packs a number of functions that will fine-tune your work rhythm. 

For starters, it has a programmable The Easy-Switch Buttons that enable users to connect with up to three devices at once for a more streamlined workflow. Each Perfect Stroke Key sports a matte-coated spherically dished surface to match the roundness of your fingertips for that precise, natural keystroke with less sound and improved responsiveness. The keyboard features its intuitive Smart Illumination proximity sensors that detect your hand the moment before it touches the keyboard. 


Brio Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam

computer accessories Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam

Image Source: Logitech

For quick Zoom meetings and seminars, and livestream presentations, it’s important to always look your best, and in ultra-detail. With this, the Brio Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam is the right choice for your setup. 

This advanced webcam packs a punch in terms of functions and features. It delivers crystal clear 4K video at 30fps, plus 1080p and 720p at 30 and 60fps. Pairing this is the webcam’s built-in omnidirectional mics with noise-canceling technology to filter out unwanted background noises. The webcam features its autofocus and 5x HD Zoom capabilities for convenient angle and profile adjustments. Meanwhile, its RightLight 3 technology allows intuitive color and brightness corrections. The webcam comes with an attachable privacy shade to ensure privacy and security when not in use. 


Zone Wireless Plus Headset

computer accessories logitech zone wireless plus headset

Image Source: Logitech

Since distractions are inevitable, regardless of the workplace. Logitech’s Zone Wireless Plus Headset will keep you #InTheZone while finishing up projects and presentation decks.

This Bluetooth-enabled headset boasts its rich, immersive audio quality with active noise cancellation to block off ambient sounds to enjoy your work grind playlist or podcasts without interruptions. Engage in quick comms with workmates through the headset’s handful of intuitive controls. This pair of work cans is supported by Qi Wireless charging, and includes a mobile companion app for quick setup with compatible devices, OS, and platforms. 

As basic as it is, these common computer accessories are the most important items on your work desk and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Investing in these reliable tech can greatly improve your overall performance. They also promote efficiency and add up to the aesthetics of your workspace as a whole to keep you focused and motivated. 

Ready to revamp your workspace? Word of advice: Never settle for cheap knock-offs and substandard products. Make sure to get these #TechAssured work gadgets and other computer parts from authorized Logitech dealers at any Cyberzone branches. Always #CheckCyberzone to get the latest tech updates, tips, and reviews. 


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