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Wireless chargers are sweeping the entire globe, offering sheer convenience in powering up our mobile device in a tangle-free style. Sure, the good ol’ wall-plugged cord chargers are still king in terms of swiftness. But mobility and safety-wise, phones tethered and restrained within the bounds of the cable’s length can be bothersome, especially to those who are constantly tinkering their devices for work and play. 

On the other hand, wireless charging gives plenty of room for versatility. Users can charge practically any phone they plop onto the charging pad or stand, provided they are Qi-compliant. It also eliminates the hassles of misplaced cables and flimsy wires. Best of all, you get to enjoy working on a clutter-free desk, which is a plus to keep you #InTheZone.

But like any other device, not all wireless chargers are created equal. And that’s why Cyberzone is here to help you pick out the perfect wireless phone charger for your daily use. 


Anker PowerWave 10 Dual Pad

best wireless charger Anker PowerWave 10 Dual Pad

Image Source: Anker

This oval-shaped wireless charger is built with efficiency in mind. Users can charge two devices at the same time. Its universal compatibility delivers high-speed wireless charging modes, fitted accordingly to your device’s maximum capacity – 7.5W for iPhone, 10W for Samsung, and 5W for other Qi-enabled phones.  

The PowerWave 10 is case-friendly, so you don’t have to finger-wrestle with your smartphone’s case. It comes with a 5ft Quick Charge wall adapter for neat, stationary plug-and-charge placement on your desk or nightstand. 


Belkin Boost Charge Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin Boost Charge Dual Wireless Charging Pad: One of the Best Wireless Chargers for iOS and Android Phones

Image Source: Belkin

Like its fierce counterpart, the Belkin Boost Charge offers the luxury of dual charging. The non-slip grip is great for keeping your devices in place and preventing them from sliding while saddled. Its fast-charging speed is designed for seamless compatibility that can deliver a max 10W power on each pad for efficient wireless phone charger for Android and iOS devices. 

The pads are optimized to penetrate lightweight plastic cases, while its sleek profile comes in white and black colorway to go well with any workstation setup. 


Mi Wireless Charging Pad 55W

Mi Wireless Charging Pad 55W: One of the Best Wireless Chargers for iOS and Android Phones

Image Source: Mi

Mi’s wireless charger offering spews a massive 55W power that can charge Mi 10 Ultra under an hour. Xiaomi products aside, the charger can also accommodate other smartphones with Qi charging protocol. Its slim, upright design proves useful in saving up more space for your other workstation essentials. 

What makes this vertical charger a standout (pun, not intended) is its safety features that prevent overcharging, over-voltage, over-current, electrostatic, and metal detection. It also has a built-in noiseless active fan that serves as its main cooling system to effectively dissipate heat.


Mi 20W Wireless Charger

Mi 20W Wireless Charger: One of the Best Wireless Chargers for iOS and Android Phones

Image Source: Mi

Another entry from Xiaomi is its 20W charging stand. This may have taken a few notches down from its 55W counterpart, but it doesn’t make this less powerful. This wireless phone charger easily powers up Xiaomi’s Mi 9 Pro up to 50% in 35 minutes tops, and automatically adjusts its mode to 10W for powering up Qi-enabled smartphones. 

As for safety functionalities, Mi showcases its Smart Foreign Object Debris detection to prevent overheating. It also has Mi’s usual safety features such as Temperature, Short Circuit, Over-Voltage, and Power Protection. But the highlight of this charger is its Dual Coil system to support vertical and horizontal charging. This proves perfect for binge-watchers who can’t get enough of their favorite series and movies. 

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