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Hey, foodies! If you’re like us, you don’t just love to hunt down and eat all the delicious treats your city has to offer, you also love watching shows about food as well! (Not just for tips on where to go and what to eat, but also for the sheer pure joy of just seeing good food scrumptiously presented and lovingly discussed. Are we right, or are we right?)

So if you’re jonesing for food shows, you’re in luck. We’ve got a bunch of recommendations to share with you today. Here are some of our absolute favorite food shows available on YouTube and Netflix.


Eating Your Feed by Tasty

Eating Your Feed counts as one of our top favorites when we feel like watching something creative and ingenious. Sure, you can watch cooking shows, but have you ever tried actually following the recipes presented and cooking those food items yourself? Come along for the ride as hosts Niki, Andrew and their friends attempt to recreate the most viral recipes on the internet. From cheese-coated burgers to the “most intimidating pasta dish” (timpano) to mozzarella, yes, mozzarella, watch as these guys roll up their sleeves and get to work!

Worth It by Buzzfeed

Worth It is a show that seeks to evaluate food in terms of its value. Catch hosts Steven and Andrew and their trusty sound and camera dude Adam as they visit restaurant after restaurant and try food at various price points. They start out with the least expensive items for starters and work their way up the menu to the restaurants’ most expensive, most extravagant dishes. All in order to find out which particular dish or dishes are worth the asking price. Value for money buffs (as well as those who aren’t averse to trying plenty of food) will love Worth It!

4 Levels by Epicurious

If you love food challenges, this show might just be perfect for you. Chefs at three different skill levels–amateur, home cook, and professional–are challenged to prepare various food items, like scrambled eggs, flatbread and onion rings. After each chef presents his or her creation, a food scientist then takes the stage to check out their work for his or herself. If you think experts always make better food than amateurs, think again! A must-watch show for those who love to root for the underdog.



Street Food: Asia

Street food is both a staple of everyday living and a delicious treat. Belying its humble origins and manner of cooking, many street food items have become famous worldwide. Asia is rightly renowned for having some of the world’s most incredible street food. Check out this show as it not only features famous street dishes but also showcases the people who make them, in Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Chiayi (Taiwan), and our very own Cebu.

Ugly Delicious

If you love travel, culture AND food, you’re going to love Ugly Delicious, the Netflix show that takes its host, David Chang, and assorted special guests around different parts of the world. Each episode of Ugly Delicious highlights one dish or concept, and delves deep into how it is made in different regions and how the process of making and presenting it evolves. Dishes and concepts focused on include pizza, tacos, Korean barbecue, xiaolongbao, Viet-Cajun cuisine, Chinese food and steak.

Chef’s Table

The very first Netflix documentary series, Chef’s Table zeroes in on a particular chef–one per episode–in order to present and reveal their history, background, and personal philosophies as regards cooking and food. This series is renowned for employing production techniques and cinematography in the vein of filmmaking instead of reality television–you won’t find better-looking shots in any other food-focused show to date. Chefs featured include famous Korean cook and Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan and Christina Tosi of Milk Bar fame.

The Chef Show

The Chef Show is headlined by actor and director Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi. Together, and in collaboration with some of the top names in both the culinary and entertainment spheres such as David Chang, actors Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, and YouTube chef Andrew Rea, they take on favorite recipes and techniques, cooking and baking up a storm and taking a deep dive into each guest’s philosophies of cooking, food, eating, and life itself.

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