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The life-sim game ‘Cozy Grove’ was recently released on various consoles, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 – and many people are calling it the next ‘Animal Crossing’. This really isn’t surprising, seeing as how it is practically exactly like ‘Animal Crossing’… except without the pressure.

If you were part of the hordes of Filipinos who played ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ (ACNH) during the “first run” of the pandemic lockdown last year, then everything about ‘Cozy Grove’ will seem familiar to you.

The main plot is a bit different, of course. Whereas in ACNH, you had to set up your life on an island and decorate it as you see fit, ‘Cozy Grove’ involves helping out “ghost bears” who do not know why they are stuck on this haunted island you find yourself on. Your role as a “Spirit Scout” is to help them figure this out by completing set daily tasks and bringing color back to the dull life at Cozy Grove.

This has all of the same elements as ‘Animal Crossing’, really: getting stranded, befriending the townsfolk and helping them out, doing tasks like fishing and digging, and prettifying the area. It even has similar characters to give the exact same familiar feel. The only difference is that there is significantly less pressure in ‘Cozy Grove’ than there is in ‘Animal Crossing’ – or so I’ve come to feel anyway.

As fun as ACNH is, the more people played it and asked to visit my island and the more people started posting their gorgeous islands on social media, the more pressure I felt to prettify mine. (Was that just me?) There was also subtle pressure in that you had to log in during the day in order to do certain tasks. ‘Cozy Grove’ is more low maintenance and low key than that.

Here, you can allot just half an hour to an hour a day of game time as there really is nothing much left to do once you complete your tasks – unless you want to fish and collect more resources for the following day… But that’s completely up to you. You can also play anytime that is convenient for you because unlike in ANCH, the crafting place, the bakery, the postal office, and the store don’t close. Of course, there are some tasks that can take up more time than expected, and that’s what this guide is meant to help you with.

Get Help When You Need It.

One of the ghost bears on the island is named Charlotte Pine and she can help you locate items that you might need with ease. There are cases where the area where the object is hidden may not be lit up yet, making it harder to distinguish whether anything is hiding there to begin with. For just 100 coins, you can pay Charlotte to help you out. Just pay the necessary fee and an arrow will show up pointing you in the right direction – easy peasy!

Make More Money to Progress Faster.

Having said that, you will need money to pay Charlotte for her services. On that note, you will also need money for a bunch of other things on ‘Cozy Grove’: buying new clothes and items, repairing and crafting tools, and upgrading the store and your tent. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make easy money in the game:

  • Help out the ghost bears: Once you complete a task for the ghost bears, they will always give you money. Just make a quick round in their area when they throw the coins around to get them all.
  • Feed the imps: Sometimes, imps will show up with bubbles above their heads signaling what they want. Throw the necessary item over, wait for them to eat it, and then approach them. Half of the time, they will give you coins as a reward.
  • Dig, dig, dig: Dig up marked areas for the chance to find coins.
  • Donate: Whenever you discover a new fish, flower, or even fruit, you can donate them to Captain Snout. A lot of the time, he will give you coins for your discoveries.
  • Sell your items: Should you have duplicates you can no longer donate, simply sell them to Mr. Kit for a fee. You can also sell all of your other extra items to make extra money.
  • Claim your badge rewards: Don’t forget to claim your badge rewards daily. Once you reach certain milestones, you can claim certain rewards. A lot of the time, they will be in the form of money and will prove to be a huge help for your finances.

Craft, Bake, and Buy.

After learning new crafting recipes, Jeremy Gruffle can craft all sorts of furniture for you which you can then use to help your flowers, bushes, and trees grow faster. They will also help make your birds happier. Similarly, after learning new baking recipes, Allison Fisher can bake all sorts of goods for you which you can then donate to Captain Snout, feed to your birds, or sell to Mr. Kit. Make sure to check out Mr. Kit’s store on a daily basis, as well, to see his new wares and clothes.

Don’t worry if you feel stuck at some point. Not all of the tasks come with time limits. If they don’t, you can simply pick up the next day from where you stopped playing. In some cases, you may actually need to wait a few days until you get the resources you need to complete a task.

If there are basic resources that you need that you cannot seem to find, take a break and come back later. Resources respawn so you might have better luck getting what you need when you come back to play later on in the day. Most importantly, just don’t sweat things too much. At Cozy Grove, there isn’t meant to be any pressure – just mindless fun and relaxation.

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 Written by: Angeline Rodriguez 

Angeline Rodriguez is the Managing Editor of and an Editor at Newsweek Amplify. She is a gamer and a geek with a mad love for anime and KDramas.

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