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We hope you already had your fun during the summer because the rainy season is officially upon us. While we’re sure you’ve already gone shopping for the latest gadget accessories for your summer plans, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go on a shopping spree for rainy days, too.

Be ready for anything this rainy day season with these must-have gadget accessories:


Waterproof Phone Case

Just in case you get caught in the rain at some point, you won’t have to worry about your phone getting wet and destroyed as long as you’ve got a trusted waterproof phone case by your side. Most waterproof phone cases are also shockproof and shatterproof, so updating your case just might make your phone last a lot longer than usual. (Related Article: 6 of the Toughest Cases to Keep your iPhone Safe)


Waterproof Laptop Bag

If you’re getting extra protection for your phone, then it only makes sense to get gadget accessories for your laptop and everything else as well. A high-quality waterproof laptop bag is a great investment, especially if you’re back in the office and work is rarely suspended. You wouldn’t want your laptop to get destroyed on your commute!


Power Bank

With heavy rains usually come power outages, so it’s best to be prepared by making sure you’ve got a powerful power bank to keep your important gadgets running. There are now wide varieties of power banks available, with some being solar-powered, and others being powerful enough to charge laptops. Make sure you’ve got enough juice to get you through blackouts with the latest gadget accessories. (Also Read: How to Choose Power Banks Worthy of Your Money)


Rechargeable Appliances (Lights/Fan/Radio)

Make power outages at home a bit more bearable with rechargeable gadget accessories—at least for the essentials. You can get rechargeable lights, rechargeable electric fans, and even solar-powered ones so you won’t have to settle for candles and flashlights when there’s no electricity. You can even explore solar-powered ones so you won’t have to worry about how long it will take for the power to go back on.


Wi-Fi to Power Bank Cable

You won’t have to use up your whole month’s data allowance when there’s a power outage as long as you have a Wi-Fi to power bank cable. With this simple cable, you can easily turn on your Wi-Fi router using any power bank. Now, you can stay connected even during power outages.

Interested in discovering the latest gadget accessories for rainy days? Visit an SM Cyberzone near you and #FeelTheCyberThrill of experiencing different gadget accessories firsthand before making your decision. Seeing, feeling, and testing them out can make a huge difference!




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