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These days, we could all do with a bit of good news – or, really, anything new to break the monotony and give us something to feel enthusiastic about. That said, one of the few upsides of having officially spent one whole year in lockdown is that it’s given us ample opportunity to rediscover or else finally find our passions. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we all have to find our true callings during a global pandemic, but having the right tools to help us elevate our largely homebound experiences and routines might allow us to tap into some long-dormant talent or unexplored area of interest. For the more tech-inclined, the all-around amazing new Oppo Reno5 may just be that tool.

How exactly? Well, here are its top five features that are sure to get you #InTheZone.

Oppo Reno 5

Dual View Video

features of oppo reno 5 Dual View Video

One of the Oppo Reno5’s most exciting and potentially game-changing new features for unleashing your creativity and capturing moments in really fun and inventive ways is its Dual View Mode. Simply put, what this does is allow you to record with the front and rear cameras simultaneously – allowing you to seamlessly combine two different shots and even have the subjects on opposite sides of the phone interact, so to speak. For avid Tiktokers, vloggers, and other types of content creators, this opens up lots of interesting new opportunities.  


AI Highlight Video

features of oppo reno 5 AI Highlight Video

Another industry-first for the Oppo Reno5 is AI Highlight Video system, which can automatically examine the lighting conditions of a given scene and use adaptive algorithms to fix the brightness and dynamic range of the images being taken. But not only does it apply the correct settings – namely Ultra Night Video or Live HDR – it also reduces the noise in both dimly lit nighttime shots and daytime shots taken under challenging conditions. Oh, and it can do all of this in roughly 20 milliseconds while somehow using 40% less power. Truly mind-boggling stuff, if you ask us.


65w Super VOOC Flash Charger

We’ve just reached the halfway point of our little list, and you must be wondering by now how quickly the battery must get depleted with all these nifty features. Well, not to worry, because the Oppo Reno5 also offers the ultimate charging experience. With Oppo’s patented VOOC, you’re assured of smart, safe, and lightning-fast charging every time. And with the 64 Super VOOC edition, there’s very little heat generation and your phone will be fully charged in just 35 minutes without compromising the battery. 


90Hz Refresh Rate

Need even more reasons to add the Oppo Reno5 to your list of gadget goals? Well then, this already oh-so-sexy smartphone also delivers silky smooth visual experiences while you’re scrolling on apps, streaming videos, and playing games every single time thanks to its incredible 90Hz refresh rate. Couple this with the 6.4” display and you’re all but guaranteed some fully immersive screen time. Talk about putting the “OP” in Oppo.


Fully Integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G Chip

features of oppo reno 5 Fully Integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G Chip

Last, but definitely not least, the Oppo Reno5 packs some of today’s best hardware all in one very slick package. For a truly smooth, fast, and innovative experience overall, the smartphone’s fully integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G chip is backed up by a multi-layer liquid cooling system, as well as a massive 8GB + 12GB of internal storage. This is very nearly a PC that fits in the palm of your hand. These may be strange times we’re living in, but really, what a time to be alive, too!

Honestly, we think that just these five key features of the Oppo Reno5 are enough to make your day come alive, but the phone actually has a slew of other fantastic features that can let you make the most of each moment and, as the tagline says, “picture a life together” in hopefully better times to come. But until then, we’ll keep serving you all the latest news and reviews on tech that can help improve your present circumstances. 

For more updates on the Oppo Reno5 and other great new gadgets, always #CheckCyberzone.

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