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Wondering who the best streamers in the Philippines are, including Facebook streamers? Want to know who our best local streaming talent is, and interested to give them a follow? You’ve come to the right place—check out this feature of five of the top Filipino streamers today!

GLOCO Gaming

GLOCO Gaming Streaming Gamers to Follow in the Philippines

The self-described “Grumpy Asian Weab Gamer Fisherman” (whose real name is Gianlois Concepcion) is a gaming personality and entertainer whose wide range of interests that he features on his GLOCO YouTube channel has helped him gain a strong following. He’s quite well known for his Let’s Plays for a wide range of gaming titles including H1Z1. But that’s not all—he’s also famous for his parodies, including his very popular “Train to Busan Parody (Tagalog/Filipino Dub)”.



Biancake Streaming Gamers to Follow in the Philippines

The second of our top Filipino streamers is Bianca Yao, better known as Biancake. She’s been a fixture of our local gaming scene since 2019. Biancake began as a competitive gamer who was addicted to DOTA, but has famously been able to nurture what was once a mere hobby into a more than decent source of income, becoming the first signed Filipino talent of Twitch. Now Biancake is with Tier One Entertainment where she continues to excel as a streamer.


Dexie Diaz

Dexie Diaz Gaming Streaming Gamers to Follow in the Philippines

Super popular influencer, cosplayer, actress, and streamer Dexie Diaz kicked off her streaming career playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at the tender age of 14. After just a year, she took her career forward by joining EVOS Lynx to win tourneys like Season 3 of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Female League. But before all that, she was already making a name for herself as an actress, having starred in shows such as MMK, Walang Hanggang, Princess and I, and Wansapanatym.



ChoOxTv Gaming Streaming Gamers to Follow in the Philippines

Edgar Dumali, also known as ChoOxTV, has fast become one of the local streamers to watch. A Mobile Legends aficionado, he was signed as a talent under the Rumble Royale community. He’s yet another of those personalities whose life has taken a turn for the better thanks to his skill at gaming and his streaming popularity. His popular channel not only features his streams but also vlogs that showcase his personal life, including his wife and children.


Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao Gaming Streaming Gamers to Follow in the Philippines

Alodia Gosiengfiao almost needs no introduction. She made her name as a cosplayer way back when, but has since branched out into gaming, streaming games such as Dota2 and League of Legends on Twitch. She was famously one of the pioneers of Facebook Gaming—and was in fact one of the co-founders of Tier One Entertainment. Her success has made her a source of inspiration for gamers around the entire country.




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