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If you’re in the market for a midrange phone, take it from us–you want to give the Vivo V20 SE a look-see. This mid-range unit (it’s a smartphone under P15k) is well worthy of your consideration; it’s a great value and it’s got quite a few standout features that wouldn’t be out of place in phones costing quite a bit more.

What might these features be, you ask? Well, this article focuses on five of these–those we believe are the phone’s standout features. Read on to see the ones we’ve picked, and see if they resonate with you too!


First up is how slim the V20 SE is. Sure, there’s many a thin phone around nowadays, but that being said, few of them are as thin as this one–it’s all of 7.83mm thin! That figure speaks for itself, really. But for reference, a PhP 10 coin is a tiny bit over 2mm thin.

Going hand in hand with this phone’s slimness is how light it is. It’s just 171g. Again, for reference, a 24-pack bag of Sky Flakes crackers is heavier at 200g.

A phone this slim and light can practically disappear when slipped into one’s pocket or bag; a boon for us and others like us who usually have plenty of things to stow when out and about. And the V20 SE’s body is coated with a high polymer material to ensure a smooth and comfortable finish.

(Very) fast charging

Our second favorite of the V20 SE’s key features is that it charges rapidly–in Vivo’s parlance, this feature is known as ‘33W FlashCharge’.

Thanks to this feature, the V20 SE can recharge from flat-out empty to 65% full in just half an hour. This is because, Vivo claims, its 33W FlashCharge technology is 30% faster than previously. Additionally, it comes with eight safety protections to lessen the possibility of damage during quick charging.

A word about the V20 SE’s battery, it’s a non-removable 4100mAh unit that helps keep the phone slim and light, yet provides enough juice to last most of a full day.

Powerful main camera

We believe that the V20 SE’s main lens also merits a mention. It’s a 48MP AI triple camera set that’s specifically designed to capture what you see in excellent detail.

Night shots are surpassingly clear and bright thanks to the main rear camera’s large f/1.8 aperture and HDR+ Morpho algorithm. The 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera allows for 108-degree panoramic capture to give your photos a more encompassing worldview. And the Super Macro Camera lens allows you to get achingly close to your subject–as close as 2.5cm.

Up for taking video? The V20 SE’s rear camera dynamically removes the blur from the inevitable bounce or shake when you’re in motion. And it can also take 4K videos for outstanding clarity and overall quality.

Super selfie snapper

The V20 SE also boasts a supercharged front-facing selfie camera that’s all of 32MP strong.

Not only does it take great selfies, but it also can manage to take noteworthy ones even during nighttime or low-light situations. Vivo’s exclusive HDR+ Morpho algorithm is intelligent tech that helps lighten dark spots and reduce overexposure in highlit situations. Vivo’s Selfie Softlight Band is also on hand to provide studio-standard ambient light. As a result, selfies taken during such situations are brighter, clearer, and more balanced.

Additionally, you can use Professional Portrait Mode which incorporates Pose Master, Face Beauty, and bokeh effects, as well as a range of styles to make yourself look even better than you normally do, whether in the dark or the light.

Impressive performance

Lastly, the V20 SE also features noteworthy performance for the price. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core processor delivers smooth, steady, snappy performance, and its 8GB of ROM helps ensure that your apps, games, and programs operate without a hitch.

Vivo’s Multi-Turbo feature works behind the scenes to help the phone’s software and hardware work smoothly and quickly. It includes AI Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo for heat dissipation, and Game Turbo to help ensure that whatever you do with this phone, it will run at optimal levels without burning through battery charge.

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