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With so many scams and cybersecurity issues going around nowadays, it helps to have extra security measures on your mobile device. Fortunately, enhancing your phone’s security doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating. Most of the time, all it takes is a few setting changes.

Here are a few easy tips on keeping your mobile phone more secure:


Use two-factor authentication

On most social media platforms and websites, users are urged to turn on two-factor authentication. If you used to ignore this, this is the sign to finally turn it on. While two-factor authentication adds an extra step whenever you log in to your accounts, it also effectively adds an extra layer of protection in case someone tries to access your accounts.

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Keep your apps updated

The apps you use every day are also being developed every day to combat new ways to fight off cybercrime. With regular app updates; bugs are fixed, weak walls are strengthened, and more features are added. So, make sure that the apps on your mobile device always have the latest security features by keeping them updated.


Only ever connect to secure WiFi

A lot of people like to take advantage of free WiFi connections in public places like malls, parks, and even transport stations. While they may be convenient, public internet connections may actually pose a threat to your online security. So, if possible, try to avoid connecting to public WiFi.

If you really have no choice, try to install a VPN app on your mobile phone for added security when using free WiFi in public. 


Change your passwords regularly (and keep them strong!)

Just like ATM pin codes, it’s important to regularly change your passwords on your online accounts, too. Once you do, make sure to choose a strong password with a variety of numbers, letters, and special characters. You can even use a secure password manager to make sure you remember your passwords every time your change them.

It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile in keeping your online accounts secure in order to prevent scams and cybercrime. It’s also good to be wary of the links to click, the sites you visit, and the files you download. Remember to think before you click!

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