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As we approach the end of the year 2019, Apple has unveiled a new addition to their Apple Watch Series: The Apple Watch Series 5. Though it might look a bit similar to the Series 4, don’t be fooled. It boasts several new tricks, a new WatchOS, and an option to add more internal storage.

Here are 3 new tricks you can do with your new Apple Watch:

Takes care of your ears

Your ears are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and that’s why you should always take care of it. Thanks to the new Noise App, now you can! This app can transform your Apple Watch into an instrument that measures how loud your surroundings are and can send alerts if loud sounds around you are capable of damaging your ears when exposed for a long amount of time.

It does the math for you

It took a long time before Apple introduced a native Calculator App on its watches, but the wait was worth it. The new Calculator App has a helpful trick up its sleeve: the tip calculator. Aside from calculating tips, this calculator’s handy addition will definitely be a blessing not just for you but also your friends when you’re having a night out. Why? Because it can also split group expenses, which will be useful for nights out with your friends!

Hide sensitive information

The biggest feature of the new Apple Watch is its always-on display which will be beneficial for users who don’t want to flip their wrist just to check the time. Though it’s a handy new feature, some of your notifications may be exposed to wandering eyes. Fortunately, you can opt to hide these sensitive information through the always-on settings.

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