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Need that piece of tech from SM Cyberzone but don’t want to leave your home? Don’t worry, here’s the Online Gadget Reservation Portal to get you set!

With the Dibs X Deals Online Gadget Reservation Portal, customers can access store forms and reserve products from anywhere, anytime. Customers can also choose their preferred transaction date and branch through the form. All customer information will be automatically sent to the store for their coordination.

Are you excited to see the products you can snag through the portal? Here are some stores that already have their forms ready for you:

How To Reserve A Gadget

To make your gadget purchase even easier, here are the steps on how to reserve that #LifePowered gadget you want to buy!

Choose The Store

Each participating store has their own reservation form. On this page, you will get to see the stores that offer reservations and the branches where you can complete the transaction. Hover above the logo and click where you want to buy!

Fill Out The Form

Once you’re in the store’s online form, simply fill out the basic customer details so the store can coordinate with you after you submit the form. Please remember to place the mobile number and email address that you are currently using, just so the store can easily contact you once the product is ready for purchase.

Pick Your Favorite SM Cyberzone Branch

Once we get your customer details, you can then choose your preferred time when your plan to visit the store and the nearest SM Cyberzone.

Choose The Product

Here’s the exciting bit, picking out the gadget you want to reserve! Each product line displays the corresponding price and if it has a discount, you’ll be able to see how much you save as well. Choose your gadget carefully and be on the look out for #TechAssured deals.

Submit the Form and Wait for the Store Representative

Once all fields are answered, just click the submit button and you’re set! Your order will then be sent automatically to the store for their coordination. Please wait for a store representative to reach out to you using your declared mobile number and email address. If the store fails to contact you within 3 days, please send a message to or

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