Get Ready for an Epic Year of Cyberzone Gaming Events in 2024

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Anticipate Thrilling Deals and Experiences at SM Supermalls, All Year-Long

The epic year has begun and there are surely tons of thrilling deals and gaming experiences that you can anticipate only at Cyberzone!


Calling all Filipino gamers! Prepare to level up your 2024 with a whirlwind of epic esports tournaments, cosplay showdowns, and tech fests you shouldn’t miss. Keep your eyes peeled because 2024 promises to be a gamer’s paradise packed with electrifying events that will fuel your competitive spirit and ignite your passion for all things gaming, all thanks to Cyberzone, your one-stop gaming hub.

As always, Cyberzone has a treasure trove of gaming events throughout the year that cater to all ages and interests. Here are just some of the gaming events that you should look forward to in 2024:

Game Fest

Lace up your virtual boots and get ready to face off against fellow warriors in intense PC-based gaming tournaments at Game Fest. From heart-pounding shooter games to strategic MOBAs, this is where legends are made and glory awaits. Game Fest’s tournaments are for adults only and are based on select game titles, so make sure you watch out for our announcements on the titles to be featured this year.

Game Fest Kids

Don’t worry as kids won’t have to miss out on any of the fun at Cyberzone. After all, they are the future of esports. Watch in awe or bring your kids to take part in Roblox tournaments designed for the next generation of gamers. These young tech prodigies provide cuteness overload with a competitive edge. We’ve lined up new gaming titles – so better stay tuned!

Mobile Mania

If you have a smartphone and a competitive spirit, Mobile Mania is the perfect arena for both kids and adults. Compete in exciting mobile gaming tournaments, showcase your gaming skills, and prove you’re the master of the mobile battlefield.

Challenger Series

For multi-platform gaming tournaments, check out Cyberzone’s Challenger Series. The Challenger Series is actually more than just a tournament. It’s a chance for every kind of gamer to ascend from local legend to national phenomenon, be it on PC, on mobile, or other gaming peripherals. Get ready to step into the arena and vye to become a legend.

Get ready for another epic year with Cyberzone

Cyberzone also has a ton of other upcoming events, new experiences and exclusive deals in store for you this 2024, so make sure to stay tuned to our FacebookInstagram, and TikTok pages for updates.

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