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O+ Plus phones and tablet hits local market

September 5, 2012
by: Louie Diangson

If you’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the TV then there’s a big chance that you’ve encountered a new brand of smartphone and tablet called the O+ (O-Plus). If you’re curious about what this brand can offer then read on.

O+ is a technology company from the US that wants a slice of the mobile market in Asia by introducing affordable lineups of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

O+ is offering four types of devices – Music, WiFi, Pad, and Android.

Below are some of the devices featured and their selling price:

O+ 5.3 Music – Php 1,895

O+ 6.3 WiFi – Php 3,795

O+ 8.7 Android – Php 4,995

O+ 9.7 Pad – Php 9,995

Here’s a list of stores selling O+ devices {click here}. is also selling O+ phones here.

You can check other device models by visiting their website at O+ USA

Source: Yugatech