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Nokia outs 207, 208 & 208 Dual-SIM 3G phones

July 4, 2013

Nokia has announced its latest addition to its line of budget-friendly phones with 3.5G internet capabilties, the Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual-SIM.

The 207 and the 208 are closely related, both sporting a candybar design with Nokia’s signature bold colors. The only differences between them is that the Nokia 208 has a camera and comes in dual-SIM and single SIM options, while the Nokia 207 is single SIM without a camera.

nokia 207_208

These phones also offer internet connection sharing, allowing you to use it as a USB modem alongside a laptop.

Nokia 207 and 208 specs:
2.4″ QVGA (320 x 240) display
1.3 megapixel camera (Nokia 208)
Up to 256 MB flash
microSD card support up to 32GB
Bluetooth 3.0 with Slam sharing
micro USB
3.5mm AV connector
AHJ headphone support
Easy Swap Dual SIM (Nokia 208 Dual-SIM)
114.2 x 50.9 x 12.8mm
89.63g (Nokia 207)
90.59g (Nokia 208)

The Nokia 207, 208 and 208 Dual-SIM will be available in red, cyan, yellow, white and black colors. The estimated retail price for the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 is 68 USD (almost Php3,000) and are expected to start shipping during third quarter of 2013.


Source: Yugatech