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Make Yule Gift Giving Memorable With Polaroid’s Dual Core Gadget Bundles

November 12, 2013

In the spirit of pocket-friendly shopping this Yuletide season, global gadget manufacturer Polaroid offers an irresistible offer for its top-selling dual-SIM, dual-core devices plus exciting freebies for gadget purchases.

Exclusively available via the Sun Cellular-Polaroid Power Bundle program, the units come for free through easy-on-the-pocket Sun Postpaid Plans 350 and 450.

Polaroid PROG400U


Available on Plan 350 is the 4-inch, Android 4.2-run smartphone PROG400U. Powered by a 1.3 GHz dual core processor, the PROG400U is a competitive option for users looking for all the basic smartphone essentials without compromising speed and performance. Each PROG400U comes with a free limited edition Polaroid headset for a clear and crisp audio experience.

Polaroid PRO405


Via Sun Plan 450, you can get a free PRO405, an Android 4.2 smartphone that boasts a 4.5-inch high definition panel. The IPS screen delivers outstanding optics for a close-to-real viewing experience from any angle. This is complemented by a powerful 1GHz dual core processor, plus a free limited edition Polaroid Amplifier.

Polaroid Diamond 7 and Polaroid Carbon 3.5


Need a phone and tablet bundle? The Diamond 7 3G tablet with Carbon 3G phone duo on Plan 450 fits the bill. Both operated by Android 4.2 Jellybean and equipped with dual core processors (1.2 and 1.3 GHz respectively), dual cameras and 3G connectivity, this tablet and smartphone duo is suitable for running basic vital mobile device applications including Web browsing, light gaming, e-mails, calls and texts. The Diamond 7 also showcases a 7-inch QHD panel for pleasurable online chatting and video watching experience. A free micro SD card comes with every purchase of this Sundroid Rush bundle.

Source: HardwareZone