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Cherry Mobile Omega HD vs. Starmobile Diamond

March 25, 2013

by: Louie Diangson

Just a few days after Cherry Mobile launched the Omega HD, Starmobile flaunts the Diamond that sport specs almost similar to CM’s offering. Let’s find out the differences between these two Android smartphones.

sd (1)

We mentioned before that the CM Omega HD is a rebranded i-mobile IQ6 from Thailand. With the Diamond, we believe that Starmobile went with the same manufacturer and rebranded the i-mobile IQ4 (see image below). This continues SM’s tradition of launching rebranded i-mobile smartphones like the Crystal (IQ2) and the Flirt (IQ3).

i-mobile IQ4

i-mobile IQ4 (above)

As for their specs, take a look at the table we prepared below and try to notice the slight differences:


Judging from the specs, the Omega HD and Diamond are almost like twins separated at birth. The SM Diamond has the advantage of having a larger 3MP camera and the inclusion of a free 8GB microSD card in the package. However, the Omega HD has a slightly larger battery at 2,100mAh and way cheaper price tag of Php7,999 as opposed to the Php9,990 Diamond. That’s a Php2K difference.

Source: Yugatech